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Roxanne Reneé provides Workshops, Seminars & Keynotes on a wide variety of topics. Choose from the following list, or select your own topic. Roxanne Reneé will customize training or design a presentation to fit your needs.

New! Staying Sane When the World Around You Isn't

This engaging seminar is packed with proven tips and practices for maintaining your own peace of mind while successfully dealing with difficult people and difficult situations. You will leave with information and tools you can use immediately to make your life better. If someone or something in your world causes you significant stress, and you are starting to feel a little “crazy” yourself, this is the training you need!  

Secrets of Mental Mojo™ Seminar Series

Secrets of Mental Mojo: Overview™

A healthy brain is key to long-term personal happiness and physical health, but human brains were simply not designed for our modern way of living. Learn how basic, daily lifestyle choices impact your brain health and enhance your mental mojo!

Secrets of Mental Mojo: Sleep Yourself Sane™

Sleep tends to be one of the first things we sacrifice when we get busy. Most of us are unaware just how integral sleep is for our health and happiness, yet without adequate sleep our brains just don't work right. Learn what a good night's sleep does for your mental mojo, and learn what you can do to get the Zzzzs you need!

Secrets of Mental Mojo: Great Mood Food™

People commonly use food to regulate mood, and certain foods are vital to brain health. Learn what nutrients are necessary for optimal brain function and how you can utilize healthy lifestyle practices to achieve and maintain your great mood!

Secrets of Mental Mojo: Let There Be Light™

What daily wellness practice is quick, easy, cheap & painless, yet powerful enough to dramatically impact your health on a number of levels? Learn the impact and importance of spending time in the sun and how to get the light your brain needs to function at peak performance, enhancing your health and happiness every day!

Secrets of Mental Mojo: Get Your Groove On!™

You’ve been told that exercise is important, but do you know how it affects your brain? Learn about the powerful ways exercise actually changes brain chemistry and reverses stress-induced brain damage. How much and what kind of exercise? (It’s less than you think and something you were designed to do anyway). You'll see how it can be FUN, too!

Secrets of Mental Mojo: Health, Facebook-style™

You’ve heard the expression, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.” Studies about the effect of relationships on our overall health are proving this to be true. Learn the health benefits of good relationships, how and why to limit bad relationships, and proven ways to feel better fast!

Secrets of Mental Mojo: It’s All in Your Head™

Much of our happiness depends upon the meaning we give to the experiences of our lives and the way we manage our minds. Happiness is also profoundly affected by brain health. Learn brain care tips and basic, proven ways to manage your mind that lead to wellness, joy, strength, and peace.

Secrets of Mental Mojo: Forgive, Don’t Forget™

From an early age, many of us are taught that it’s good to “forgive and forget.” What if that were not the case? Learn how forgiveness is profoundly important for all aspects of health and how a certain kind of remembering actually enhances overall wellness.

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