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4 AM Fear, 5 AM Faith (Sermon Audio Sample)

Secrets of Mental Mojo (Training Audio Sample)

Secrets of Mental Mojo (Article, First in a Series)
Coaching Chronicles,
Vol. 1, Number 1, October 2010, page 5

Radio Interview — November 12, 2010
"Going Green with the King" (audio)
*Selected as one of the BEST segments aired
in the show's first 2 years!*

Radio Interview — November 18, 2010
"Caring for KC" (audio)
Interview courtesy of
KCMO Talk Radio 710 Kansas City

Training & Coaching by Roxanne
Stop Using Agave Nectar: Popular Sweetener Turns Out To Be Dangerous
Written Interview with AOL Health: Coming Down From Antidepressants

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More Health, Less Care (audio)
with Dr. Pete Weiss
December 20, 2010
Holiday Depression: Everyone is Joyful But You're Sad